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Provides the most cost-effective, reliable and scalable solution on the secure Amazon Web Services.


VMware VSphere & Microsoft Hyper-V compatible purpose built virtual appliance.


All-in-One secure Email Archiving Appliance on Dell based hardware

Email, Social Media & Text Messaging,
All at Your Fingertips

There are few things more frustrating than trying to track down a single piece of information and having to comb through multiple archives across different solutions to retrieve it. Intradyn eliminates that stress by offering email, social media and text message archiving all in a single, reliable and easy-to-use solution.

Sophisticated yet Easy-to-Use

Intradyn’s solution accepts journaled email directly from your email system—meaning each element of your email —header, body, attachments — is digitally signed, archived, and deduplicated to ensure content integrity. The search engine uses an inverted index technology to quickly and accurately access any or all emails. Options for native integration with Active Directory can be used for authentication and authorization.
If you can do a Google search, you can operate Intradyn!

Store, Secure, Retrieve & Produce Records

Find any communication you need using our powerful search functionality — it even covers typos and misspellings with fuzzy logic. Locate messages based on specific attributes, including metadata, rather than hunting them down by subject line or having to figure out where they are stored.

Review and redact email content with our easy-to-use eDiscovery and litigation tools. Customize your archiving workflows to meet your business needs.

Compliance Doesn't have to be hard.

Is your organization compliant with the myriad of rule and regulations related to email and social media communication? Are you conducting the necessary number of audits to ensure your organization complies with state, federal and even industry regulations?

Since 2001 Intradyn’s Archiving solution has offered unparalleled protection and peace of mind — ensuring your organization is in line with today’s various compliance rules and regulations. This state-of-the-art archiving solution has proven to be the go-to tool for organizations looking to maintain compliance now and into the future.

Is Intradyn right for you?

Financial Services

Firms are required to comply with a host of regulations enforced by agencies such as: FINRA, SEC, FFIEC, FCA, and SOX to name a few. With so many regulations to keep track of — and so many opportunities to run afoul of compliance — financial institutions are faced with the considerable challenge of protecting themselves from fines, penalties and loss of business.
Intradyn offers an affordable, powerful easy-to-use "compliance vault" to meet compliance, regardless the size of your firm.

SMB to Enterprise

Enterprises bring in a staggering volume of data every day — and every byte of that data, if improperly managed, has the potential to violate regulatory compliance and disrupt normal business operations and open you up to litigation risk.
Intradyn enables enterprises’ legal & HR departments to proactively protect, rapidly respond, and prepare for future litigation with its powerful search, tagging and legal hold functionalities and built-in sharing tools.


Although they’re typically the ones responsible for administering and enforcing regulations, government agencies are also subject to regulatory compliance. Many of these regulations pertain to records management and public information requests and contain specific language about electronically stored information (ESI).

Public sector organizations that fail to securely store relevant information and maintain accurate records could face serious financial, legal and reputational ramifications. With so many records to keep track of, compliance can be a challenge.
Fortunately, Intradyn’s archiving solutions for government agencies make it easy for organizations to stay on top of compliance.


K–12, colleges and universities, educational institutions sit on a veritable mountain of information in the form of student and education records. These records are regulated by various government agencies in the interest of protecting students’ privacy and safeguarding other sensitive information.
From K–12 schools all the way to the collegiate level, public and private schools alike, Intradyn has what it takes to help institutions maintain regulatory compliance, quickly respond to records requests, migrate data and more.